Beauty Benefits With Vitamins

Beauty Benefits With Vitamins

What’s so great about vitamin E? Read on to find out…

So you’ve been ignoring those vitamin supplements lying on the dinner table for months, haven’t you? Join the club. But since it’s that time of the year when it’s cool to develop positive, beneficial new habits, it might be a good idea to give those pills a second look and a second thought. Vitamin E’s primary role in your beauty battle is to strengthen your armoury against ageing skin. Usually, atoms that constitute our skin cells exist in a balanced state – with an equal number of electrons and protons. But thanks to the abrasion caused to our skin by pollutants, unavoidable radiation from the sun and other sources such as the TV, computer and microwave, this balance is disrupted, and free radicals – atoms with uneven, imbalanced particles – are generated. These free radicals, desperate to restore their equilibrium, start ‘stealing’ electrons from other, healthy skin cells, damaging them. While young supple skin has its own powers to replace dead and damaged skin cells or heal them, this ability gradually wanes with the passage of time, and so you are left fine lines, wrinkles, spots and freckles. In this losing battle, Vitamin E is your knight in shining armour, as it actually has the anti-oxidising property to counter the effect of such free radicals by neutralising them, thereby protecting your skin from radiation.

Eat some E

Alas, our body doesn’t produce this super-vitamin, and so it is imperative that your daily diet supplies you with sufficient amounts of it. There are many easily accessible, inexpensive foods rich in the vitamin.

  • Go nuts. Almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, are rich sources of the vitamin.
  • If you like to spice things up, go on, add that extra dash of red chilli powder to your curry, or sprinkle your pizza and salads heartily with paprika, oregano and basil, all of which are stocked with the vitamin.
  • If veggies add that extra crunch to your life, opt for spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, tomato, even the humble butternut squash.

Skin Benefits

With such a host of vegetables and snacks to choose from, there’s no excuse to deprive your skin of this elixir for youth. Having said that, it’s not just the intake, but also the application of Vitamin E can that can work miracles for unhealthy skin.

  • Application of a cream enriched with the vitamin would help heal the dermis by stimulating the production of collagen and balancing out the free radicals. And it doesn’t stop there. Vitamin E protects your cuticles, which is why many of your nail products contain it.
  • Vitamin E oil also works wonders on chapped lips, cracked heels, sunburnt skin and acne scars – basically any part of your skin that is damaged and needs healing.
  • Vitamin E protects your skin from sun damage too, so it’s always a good idea to choose a sunscreen which lists it as an ingredient.
  • Vitamin E is often a key ingredient in toners, as it has the added benefit of having cleansing, hydrating and moisturising properties, all in one. It’s small wonder, then, that it is referred to as the ‘skin vitamin.’ So if you’re the kind that is too lazy for an elaborate cleansing, toning, moisturising routine, just dab a few drops of vitamin E oil on a cotton ball and wipe your face gently with it. Vitamin E will take care of the rest.


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