As a team of established beauty experts, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse when it comes to knowing the latest the beauty industry has to offer. Want to be kept in the know? The Trend Report is our weekly feature where we share with you the latest launches and news across the industry; from new p […]

How to Count Macros on a Weight Loss Diet

You must have certainly come across by the term “macros” if you are seriously into weight loss, or maybe from a friend who is on a strict diet or a fitness lover, or if you are on Rati Beauty. Counting macros is for anyone, who wants to maintain a healthy weight or who is interested in weight […]

Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp Hair Care

Hemp has become a very popular ingredient in the beauty and wellness industry. Some products use the whole plant, such as CBD-based products, while others use the oil found in hemp seeds.  One such brand is Nubian Heritage and their newly relaunched Indian Hemp Hair Care Collection. This collect […]

8 Ways to Reduce Side Fat in Back Quickly

Struggling with side fat in the back? This could be an alarming sign for you! Unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, improper sleep schedule could be the reason for fat storage in the body, the good news is that with some work, you can get a healthier and toned body. To be more precise, we’re dealin […]

Wander Beauty Lip Retreat Oil Spa Day Review

Today, I am going to share my views on Wander Beauty Lip Retreat Oil Spa Day. Read on for more details on this lip product. Product Description:
A luxurious lip-loving treatment oil with the shine of a gloss. Rosa canina fruit oil contains unsaturated essential fatty acids for healthier looking lip […]

Fashion Flash International Giveaway: Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

I’m so excited to be hosting our first INTERNATIONAL Fashion Flash Giveaway! I’m giving away the book Not From The Stars , first in the series His Majesty’s Theatre AND a $50 Amazon gift card! This award-winning novel, perfect for theatre lovers and Downton Abbey enthusiasts, is set in York […]

An interview with François Nars

The range of 60 hues, in must-have mattes, sensual satins, and seductive sheer finishes, feature an innovative, pigment-rich formula that delivers instant colour vibrancy and conditions lips for radically lightweight wear and unprecedented feel. There’s one thing team LiB have in common ( […]

Wildist Elevated Essentials

I’ve been trying for the last few years to incorporate more natural products into my beauty routine and even my home. Wildist is helping me to replace my chemical-laden essentials with natural and organic products like toothpaste and deodorant. Wildist Wild + Alchemist = Wildist.  Each produc […]

Thesis Beauty Antioxidant Cream

is on a mission. A mission to create truly pure gimmick-free beauty products. They stand for ‘radical purity”. No synthetic chemicals. No animal products or testing (products or ingredients). No plastic where you can do without it. It’s only when you experience the uncomprimised, Radical puri […]