Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp Hair Care

Hemp has become a very popular ingredient in the beauty and wellness industry. Some products use the whole plant, such as CBD-based products, while others use the oil found in hemp seeds.  One such brand is Nubian Heritage and their newly relaunched Indian Hemp Hair Care Collection. This collect […]

Not Your Mother’s Styling Products

Haircare, the final frontier. Also known as the never-ending search to find products that make my hair look shiny and voluminous, without being frizzy, greasy or weighed down. This is one area of my beauty routine which always seems to be a challenge. Recently, I discovered some new styling products […]

RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer

Achieving the perfect blowout usually requires a trip to the salon or a lot of time with a round brush and hot hairdryer. Both can be costly and time-consuming, and exhausting. But what if you could create straight, shiny hair, at home and in less time? With the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer , you can a […]

10 Ways to Grow Thicker and Longer Hair Faster

Long and thick hair – every girl’s dream! If you want to grow thicker and longer hair in a short span of time, you need to put in some effort and use the right hair care regime. Here, I am to share with you all some tips and tricks to get those long tresses of your dreams! Let’s get started! […]

Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil Review

Today’s review is on Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil. Read on for more details on this haircare product. Product Description:
Nourishes; Protects and provides shine. Provides intense nutrition. Enhances shine and silkiness. Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil nourishes; prot […]

How do you Take Care of your Hair Tips?

Maintaining your hair can be quite a task if you have no idea what actually works for your hair and what doesn’t! I am here to help you out with some basic hair care tips so that you can flaunt your gorgeous tresses with confidence. In this post, we will discuss how do you take care of your hai […]

Do Hair Transplants Last Forever?

When we do realize the true value of something? Only when it leaves us forever. Similar realizations dawn upon us when we handle our hair carelessly. As a result of which, sometimes they are gone forever. So, what becomes the last resort then? Evidently, a hair transplantation. This is the only kn […]

Can you Get Hair Implants on your Forehead?

Hair implants is a surgical procedure that can add hair back on the scalp and on the forehead. It’s performed by taking hair from thicker sections of the scalp , or from other parts of the body, and this application of hair is called “grafting.” But can you get hair implants on your forehe […]

What Illnesses Cause Hair Breakage?

Most of us think that hair breakage is caused by wrong hair care routine, but wait a second before you arrive at such conclusions. Wrong way of handling your tresses, over-styling, pollutants, heredity, choice of wrong products might be a dominant factor in causing your tresses to bid you farewell […]