Can your Hair give you Acne?

Do you sleep with your hair down? Do you often spot tiny bumps along your hairline and the top of the forehead? You might be shuddered to know the reason behind this, but do you know the real culprit that causes this? Your hair! You might be blaming your oily skin and hormones behind unexpected br […]

Can you Lower your Hairline?

A large forehead is believed to be a sign of intelligence, but some people do not like this feature on themselves even though they are endowed with proportionate features. It makes them feel conscious of themselves, adversely affecting their confidence levels. Other than that, people with broad fore […]

How To Grow Hair on your Forehead?

Receding forehead is a cause of concern for a lot of us and of late due to increasing pollution levels and our own lifestyle choices, hair loss and broadening forehead seems to be a common issue. Many people grow overtly conscious of their appearance due to hair loss and suffer from a consequent lac […]

How to Get Rid of Baby Hair On Your Forehead?

Hair is defined as a woman’s crowning glory but not all kind of hair look fabulous on the head. We spend hundreds of bucks to get the hair of our dreams, but what if you spot some wispy hair sticking out at the forehead or at the sides of the cheeks when you look at the mirror? Doesn’t it […]

Can You Reverse Grey Hair?

The sight of grey or white hair with ageing is common, but what if you spot a strand of grey hair during your early 30s or 40s? The first strand of grey that peeks through jet black hair is a dreadful sight, but if you do not take quick action, a lot more of them would sprout out in no time. Hair, w […]

The best skincare and wellness pharmacy buys in New York

Ask a beauty editor what’s their first point of call on a trip overseas and pharmacies are always top of the list. A guaranteed treasure trove for cult products that you can’t get at home; and often the source of a new elixir, promising to be more effective than anything you’ve tr […]

Dr. Squatch is here! Who is Dr. Squatch?

natural soap & shampoo is made primarily from the following five natural oils which are the base for all of their soaps: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Hemp Oil & Shea Butter These oils represent the best combination of nutrients and vitamins to keep your skin healthy and soft […]

Does Waxing Lip Make Hair Grow Back Thicker?

There are so many methods to get rid of unwanted hair like shaving, laser, depilatory creams and waxing. Waxing is a popular hair removal method and is really effective as it slows down the hair growth cycle and that means less salon visits. Some women think that with waxing hair would grow back c […]