15 Habits That Make you Age Faster and Look Older

As Keats has rightly said – “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” No doubt that a romantic poet like him only could write something as impressive and true as this line reflects. We too realize the validity of the statement centuries after, when we feel the intense urge to look young and beautiful, always. However, there are some habits which can ruin your youthful glow and make your skin age faster. It is important to identify these habits and avoid indulging the same to ensure that your skin does not age fast. Wondering which are those habits that age you faster? Here is an article that will help you know the 15 habits that make you age faster and look older:

15 Habits That Age Your Skin Faster:

1. Skipping wearing Sunscreen Every Single Day: Often we tend to underestimate the damaging effects that the UV rays of the sun may have. We are lazy enough to skip using sunscreen and then, foolish enough to consider taking an umbrella to be detrimental to our style quotient. However, prolonged exposure to the sun would result in hyperpigmentation, age spots, blotchy complexion, dry skin, appearance of wrinkles, and loose skin too. So, sunscreen with high SPF along with broad spectrum protection and an umbrella or scarf are really must-haves whenever you step out into the sun.

2. Living a Sedentary Life with no Exercise in Daily Routine: Regular exercises are good for your health as well as for your entire appearance. Exercises help to tone the muscles, to firm up the skin, to reduce inflammation in skin cells, and to increase blood circulation so that your skin glows. Simple exercises like walking, jogging can all do the trick. So, if you remain a couch potato and lead an extremely inactive life, you tend to age faster.

3. Stressing about little things in Life: Stress tends to increase cortisol levels in the body which tends to flare up inflammation in the body and worsen up acne, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and age spots, all at once. Yoga and meditation can help you to get rid of stress by calming down your mind and keeping your soul, body and mind in a balanced state. Less stress means low cortisol and automatically, your skin looks fresh and young. However, if you avoid yoga and meditation altogether, you become more prone to stress and naturally, you remain aloof from the anti-aging benefits.

4. Smoking and Alcohol can wreak Havoc on the Skin: Whether you love to puff cigarette smoke yourself or you let your skin absorb the ill-effects of passive smoking, the fact remains that your skin is at danger. The smoke of cigarettes spurs the process of aging as your skin gets dry, depleted of Vitamin C and becomes prone to getting wrinkles. Also, alcohol consumption is an extremely bad habit, just like smoking. Never let it grown in you if you want to avoid health complications and premature aging. Cut down alcohol intake to keep your skin glowing and young.

6. Not getting Adequate Sleep: Netflix binge should just be a weekend thing. If it happens more than once a week, it can disturb your sleep pattern, your vision, and definitely your skin and eyes would be the most hit. It is important that you sleep at least 8 hours every day. Avoid being a nocturnal creature and go to bed in time. If you ignore the significance of sleep, you end up having dark circles, tired looking eyes, puffy eye bags and all these together, you look no more the young woman you are.

7. Not drinking enough water: Water is the best gift that you can give to your skin, don’t stop at just 8 glasses that everyone recommends. Drink loads of water to keep your skin plump and hydrated. Your body would be free from toxins and your skin would look forever young.

8. Intense love for fast food items: Fast food items, with the high level of trans-fats and sodium play an important role in adding years to your skin and health. Zits pop up, face feels greasy, cell metabolism is affected, digestive system is ruined and your skin feels old. Hence, avoid fast food, processed food and aerated drinks at all costs.

9. Not Following a Good Diet: Your skin shows what you eat. If you avoid having fruits, vegetables, nuts and an anti-oxidant rich diet, your skin doesn’t get the nourishment it deserves. What happens as a result? You get leathery dull skin and the free-radicals wreck havoc on your skin. In short, your skin starts to get a flavor of premature aging. Moreover, crash diets too are a strict no-no. If you want youthful skin, eat the right kind of food, have lots of Vitamins and Proteins, eat a balanced diet and let your skin benefit naturally. Rati Beauty diet programs are a healthy way to not only lose weight but also to get clear and beautiful skin.

10. Skipping the right skincare programs: Most of the times, we tend to become lazy. We want to look good and yet hate the idea of investing some time in maintaining skin health. Cleansing, toning, scrubbing and moisturizing should be there in your regular skincare program. Get skincare products from reputed brands suited for your skin type. Once in a while, treat your face with natural anti-oxidant masks, hydrating masks and complexion clearing masks. Try to avoid the use of face-washes and other products that contain parabens and SLS. Go for natural alternatives. Always remember to remove makeup before going to sleep.

11. Using Low-Quality Skin and Makeup Products: Using sub-standard and low-quality makeup products can damage your skin in more ways than you think. Also, fake products of high-end brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown are all over and every consumer needs to be alert about the quality of the products that they are applying to the skin. Low-quality makeup products can ruin and damage collagen layers and accelerate the ageing process of your skin.

12. Not Sanitizing Phones: Do you carry your phone everywhere with you? Even to the loo? Then, sanitizing your phone with a cleansing wipe is a good idea to get rid of all the germs on the phone that can get transferred to your face and wreak havoc by clogging pores and damaging the skin.

13. Wiping Face with Rough Towels: Say bye-bye to rough face towels and washcloths and instead use soft, smooth cloth to gently dab the face after you have washed it. Also, refrain from vigorously rubbing your face with a towel as it would remove the natural oil and lipid barrier that adds a glow to your face. Remember, just dab and dry.

14. Exposure to too Much Blue Light: Do you know our phones and computers emit blue light that not only disrupt our sleep pattern, but they can also damage the skin by causing hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and weakening of the skin’s surface. Limit your screen time, particularly at night, to get sound sleep and clear skin.

15. Eating Too Much Sugar: Excess use of sugar can harm not only your body, but your skin cells by causing inflammation leading to blemishes, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Stop sugar in all forms for 15 days and see how your skin would glow.

Now, that you know the habits that age your faster, make sure that you do exactly the opposite of what the pointers say. In short, use proper sun protection, don’t live a sedentary life, go for yoga and meditation, don’t smoke, avoid alcohol at all costs, get adequate sleep, reduce phone and screen time, drink enough water, refrain from fast food, eat fruits and vegetables and never forget a proper skin care regimen to delay skin ageing. In addition, change your pillow covers once in three days or at least once in a week to clear away bacteria that can cause pimples and damage skin.

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