Get Musky

An interesting but lesser known fact about ‘musk’ and ‘women’ is that a woman’s sensitivity to musk, an ingredient commonly used in perfumes, is roundabout a 1000 times greater than a man’s. This roughly translates to the the fact that if you spray yourself with a ‘sexy’ perfume cont […]

Beauty Substitutes

Being a rather harried work-from-home mommy has its funny moments, including running out of beauty product at the nth hour. So here are some of my favourite substitutes and face savers! Rosy-Posy Once you hit 30, while age is not so much an issue, tiredness certainly is. Lack of sleep, heavy dinners […]

How to Remove Underarm Fat?

Fat can accumulate in any region of the body, and underarms are no exception. As a matter of fact, underarm fat is pretty common and the reason that it gets to develop is because it is quite difficult to spot reduce fat in one very specific region. However, there is no need to worry. With the p […]

A Slimmer Face

If you dutifully follow a fitness routine, you are likely to have a smaller, thinner face. But if a sleepless night, too much partying or even PMSing has left you with jowls, try these exercises to slim down your face and get a more contoured jawline and slimmer cheeks. The ‘O’ face Stand in fro […]

Osmosis+Colour Lip Glazes!

have been reformulated to impart a hint of color with a high shine glossy finish and a delicate plumping effect. These sheer plumpers are uniquely formulated with chili pepper and ginger to enhance circulation in the lips, as well as a Goji Berry Blend for hydration and nutrients. This nouri […]

The Beauty Spotlight Team!

says summer is the time for juicy glossy lips. Get them with Osmosis +Colour Lip Glazes! Beauty Info Zone loves nothing more than having a great giveaway and we’re delighted with our new Fashion Flash Beauty and a Book giveaway . Win a $50 Amazon gift card, BYS Cosmetics, a travel brush set a […]

Paraben Free Beauty

Make a quick trip to the shower cabinet. Check the long list of ingredients pasted on bottles of the longer array of products lined up on your shelf – all stuff that you’ve picked up over the months in hope of smoother skin, silkier hair, a fairer face. But are you paying too heavy a price? Here […]

Lip Guide

Pop Quiz: What is the one asset every woman possesses that can instantly get a man’s heart racing? Purge those kinky thoughts, because the answer is your lips. Apparently research shows that when we meet a guy, the first thing he gets fixated about is our lips. Hard to believe, we know! Now that […]

What Causes Blackheads on Forehead?

are probably the most annoying and stubborn skin care woe. These pesky skin things are a matter of constant irritation for people with oily skin. Blackheads are basically pores that have been partially blocked by oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. Blackheads can form anywhere, it can be on your […]

Miss Claire beauty products- First impression video

Hey girls! I recently bought a few products from Miss Claire , a very popular budget beauty brand with the product range starting from Rs. 60 only. You can see this brand majorly online, and offline too at certain shops but I’ve also seen a lot of fakes around this brand, despite the fact that it […]