30 Daily Foods that contain Sugar

Are you a health and fitness freak and seriously want to lose weight? Then you should stop loving sugar from now onwards. There are plenty of food items that we consume in our daily lives which unfortunately contain surprisingly high amounts of sugar. Having sugary food items in restricted portions […]

The Beauty Spotlight Team!

Marcia from Beauty Info Zone has discovered her favorite body lotion this summer. See what she is so exited about with WINK Hydrate since it may become your favorite too. Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog just published an Smith & Cult nail polish is: easy to apply, super fast drying, chip- […]

Our Backstage Beauty Edit is revealed!

We’re kicking off fashion month and forecasting all the products you’ll need for the upcoming season with our Backstage Beauty edit. Nothing says fashion like NARS, which is why this backstage frontrunner is taking the helm as our September Haul of Fame. We’ll also be granting you acc […]

September’s Build your Own Box Member rewards

Not only are we giving you a chic line-up of fashion month-approved products AND the ninth addition to our Haul of Fame, we like to go that one step further and treat our subscribers with exclusive member rewards. So, what will you get? HAUL OF FAME MOST WANTED PRODUCT
This month’s […]

Lancome Monsieur Big Heart Eyeshadow Palette!

This Lancome limited edition heart-shaped eyeshadow palette is filled with 12 pigmented eyeshadows in rosy, nude, and chocolate hues.  The Lancome Monsieur Big Heart Eyeshadow Palette $49 is curated by Lisa Eldrige with 12 limited edition shades to create foolproof, heart-stopping looks from su […]

How Sugar Hurts Weight Loss Goals

Strings attached with doughnuts, pastries, ice-cream and chocolate? This may be the biggest reason for your weight loss failure! Removing  sugar can be a game-changer in your life. Still dreaming for that perfect body? Today, we spill the beans to achieve that dream figure and toned body that yo […]


As a team of established beauty experts, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse when it comes to knowing the latest the beauty industry has to offer. Want to be kept in the know? The Trend Report is our weekly feature where we share with you the latest launches and news across the industry; from new p […]

How to Pose to look Slimmer in Pics?

Today, we shall talk of an issue that, I am confident, concerns most of us. It is something that has been bothering me for a while now, and so this time, I decided to pen some tricks to get us around the problem. It concerns the pressing issue of how to pose for pictures in order to look slimmer. So […]

SRL Diagnostics – Your route to perfect health!

Hey guys! With India’s constantly changing climatic conditions and our ever so stressed lifestyles, health usually takes a back seat for most of us. The age old adage that ‘prevention is better than cure’ still holds true, though. Taking steps to prevent lifestyle-related illnesses is […]

How to Apply Base Makeup?

We often struggle to create a flawless makeup look because we fail to create a flawless base for makeup application. Even if you use good quality makeup products, the right application skills and correct order of using products while doing base makeup plays a paramount role in determining the final […]