Hunter Schafer Ate a Pretzel at Givenchy

Free food at a fashion show is always welcome, if tricky to manage. “I’m trying to eat it, but everyone keeps talking to me and I can’t get a mouthful in,” said model Karen Elson, who was looking resplendent in a bright pink suit. After managing to take a bite, she mused on how her latest b […]

Natasha Denona Coral Palette!

has won my heart this year. I have her Mini Nude and Mini Star Palettes and I’ve just added the Coral Palette to my collection. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. The pretty shimmery lilac duochrome shade drew me in, yet it isn’t very sheer. It is definitely more of a topper or ov […]

Best Foods for PCOD

It is not a surprising thing that an alarming percentage of Indian women is getting diagnosed with PCOD or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease/Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which is a more of a lifestyle disorder than a hormonal one because people living in urban areas are more affected than those wh […]

Noomi Rapace’s Secret Weapon? Daily Ice Baths

How do you keep up with a challenging schedule? For Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, the secret lies in ice baths. “This summer, I went from shooting in Louisiana where it was 40 degrees Celsius to filming in Iceland where it was minus-1,” said the “Millenium” star, speaking at the Haider Ack […]

Cardi B Takes Paris

Look out Paris, Cardi B is in town — and even hiding behind a pair of geeky glasses, she can’t be missed. The rapper turned out in support of Thom Browne , who designed her statement gown for the Met Gala in May, sitting in the front row at his show Sunday afternoon alongside guests including […]

Is Jeanne Damas’ Restaurant The Most Parisian Place Ever?

Cheese platters. Striped shirts. Eiffel Tower souvenirs. Artists doing live portraits, Montmartre-style. A mime with a toy baguette and beret. Guests could easily play a game of “spot the Parisian clichés” at the opening of Jeanne Damas’ first boutique for her fashion label Rouje , which sh […]

For Kris Jenner, Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing Is ‘Like Family’

A member of the Jenner family made the Balmain front row on Friday — just not the one who was expected. Kylie Jenner , who was named artistic director of makeup for Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain show , canceled her Paris trip last-minute due to illness . The beauty entrepreneur was meant to l […]

The Beauty Spotlight Team!

can’t stop raving about the September BoxyCharm Subscription Box. Violet Voss, MAC and Laura Geller, oh my! Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog is obsessed with the Jane Iredale Dome Brush , and if you are seeking a high quality and cruelty-free multipurpose brush, look no further than this gem! Som […]

How To Make Skin Brightening Cream at Home

As we all know, the skin brightening creams available in the market contain a ton of artificial chemicals. Although they are manufactured of approved formulation, they do come with a lot of unwanted preservatives and chemicals still. So, in this post, we will look towards certain homemade recipes fo […]