Avoid these 20 Toxic Ingredients when Shopping for Groceries

A combination of wrong food choices, excessive use of processed food, lack of physical activity, and above all, adulteration of food with toxic ingredients has led to an alarming rise in life-threatening diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and even cancer. When you make your gro […]

What’s an AHA and why do you need it?

This month’s Haul of Fame by Pixi is a miracle toner not only loved by all at LiB HQ, but is a hero product that’s garnered the stamp of approval from none other than Caroline Hirons. If it’s loved by Caroline, you know it’s worthy of your attention. This super effective face ton […]

45 Herbs for Weight Loss and Good Health

When someone decides to go on a weight loss mission, most of the time they pull all stops – from giving up on junk food to including physical activity and exercise in their daily routine, but sadly, some people do not see positive results on the weighing scale even after taking extreme measures. […]

Fleur and Bee Prince Charcoal Face Mask!

is a skincare line that is natural, vegan, cruelty-free, leaping bunny certified, affordable, and actually does what it claims too! All their products are designed to be clean, safe and natural. They are proudly bottled in the United States and available for under $35. Really now, what more could […]

12 Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Shampoo

Many of us hardly turn around and check the ingredients list of those fancy-looking shampoo bottles which promise us silky and shiny hair in just one wash. Not many of us look for harmful ingredients before buying any beauty item, let alone shampoos. It’s high time we eliminate toxic chemicals fro […]

32 Fiber Rich Food Items for Weight Loss

You must have read many articles on IMBB reiterating the importance of including fiber-rich food in one’s daily diet to boost digestive system and to lose weight effectively. However, how exactly does dietary fiber help to maintain a good health and in shedding weight. Let’s explore more about w […]

How To Get Rid of Water Retention Weight Gain

When you know you have not cheated on your diet or missed exercising your body, but still the weighing scale shocks you by showing weight gain, you should probably not fret, because it is most probably due to “water retention.” This problem is a common PMS (premenstrual) symptom, but there are o […]

What is Stubborn Fat and Home Remedies to Get Rid of Fat

Both men and women tend to store extra fat in different parts of the body – around the organs (visceral fat), under the abdominal muscles, also in the muscles which is intramuscular fat, and most importantly, fat that gets stored right under the skin (subcutaneous fat). Out of all these, subcutane […]

The Beauty Spotlight Team!

Looking for a lightweight, fast absorbing, luxurious but effective eye cream? Never Say Die Beauty has been using lovely CIREM Cosmetics Jardin des Fleurs Rose and Lavender Eye Cream . Find out if it’s worth the splurge! Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog just featured the top two cruelty-free ultra […]