Chocolate Waxing

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Chocolate wax is made from natural ingredients such as cocoa, soybean oil, almond oil, glycerin and vitamins. It is less painful and doesn’t result in rashes and redness.

It contains components like cocoa beans, soya bean oils, almond oil, sunflower oils, glycerine, vitamins and minerals
• The aroma of chocolate wax is delicious and thus, it induces relaxation and doubles up the ‘feel-good factor’
• It causes little or no redness and rashes after waxing
• It doesn’t feel hot after the wax is applied on the skin
• Experts say that chocolate wax retards the growth of hair for a longer period as compared to normal wax
• It makes the skin look smooth and glowing
• It helps in cleaning hair in-growth
• It aids in removing even the tiniest of hair


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